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You Will Be Amazed By How Much Spokane Fitness Center Has To Offer!

Take A Look At Some Of Our Amenities

Full Weight Room

Full Cardio Room

Group Fitness Classes

We have Multiple Circuits, Free Weights, Dumbells up to 120lbs, Cable Machines, and more!

Treadmills, Ellipticals, StairMasters, 3 different types of Bikes, Arc Trainers, and more!

You're going to love our Group Fitness Classes. We have a variety of classes to fit your interests. We are constantly adding more.

Pool and Spa

Free Towel Service

Women's Only Workout Room

Lap lane always open for swimmers, regardless of classes or swimming lessons. Check out our schedule for Water Aerobics, Master Swim Classes, Lessons, etc.

We offer free hand towels to our members. Sometimes you need to wipe off the sweat!

That's right, we have a closed off area for you to get your workout in. Complete with full Circuit and workout equipment. Just remodeled too!

Basketball Courts

Raquetball Courts

Running Track

Come play with our members. Pick up games throughout the day.

Raquetball courts at each location.

Sometimes you would rather run on the floor instead of a treadmill. We have a running track for just that.

Stretching Areas

Tanning Beds

Sauna and Steam Rooms

Everyone needs to stretch! We got you covered.

We offer 2 tanning beds to our members at only $15 a month. We replace bulbs every 4- 6 months.

Both are incredible for sweating out toxins in your body. Steam Rooms are available at our North location.

Personal Training and Programs

Looking for guidance, accountability, or to accomplish the goals you have? Our qualified personal trainers are here for you and they are affordable! Utilize our services for your benefit, know our programs and what we offer including programs and classes we offer free with your membership.


We have Childcare available different hours of the day. Check the main page for daycare hours per location. We included childcare in every family membership because we understand that paying per hour limits your use of the gym and can become unaffordable.

Want Our North 24 Hour Gym Too?

Sometimes you get off late, or you just simply want the comfort of going whenever you want. You can add on our 24 hour gym to your membership at anytime. Sign up for all clubs access today!


We have day use lockers ready and waiting for you! Just bring your own lock, you can also rent one if you want to store your items long term.

We Are A Local Gym That Provides The Resources To Get In Shape And Lead A Healthy Lifestyle.

and there is more...

North Club

valley Club

North 24 hour

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North 24 Hour

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